Agave in Città è a Livorno, Scali Rosciano, 2 – 0586

Your safe harbor

Certain towns are capable to deliver the unanticipated. They are places where surprises are welcomed. More often than not, these are port cities. People often come and go, they either get here by sea or to take to the sea. Sometimes, however, they end up staying a while longer. That’s when they discover a new pace, a life that doesn’t run according to the hands of the clock.
Livorno is one of these places and that’s why I chose it for my new hotel. It’s a building on a canal, which leads to the sea, where you’ll want to stay a little longer than expected. At least, that’s what happened to me.

Barbara Zenoni

Safety on Holiday!

After three months of isolation we were able to reopen the doors to our friends and guests. Our reality has been turned upside down and to start again, this time, feels a bit like being reborn. We put all our efforts into fulfilling the safest way to welcome you and guaranteeing you a place where you can relax, enjoy the sea, and where we can pamper you without disturbing you. A way to experience the holiday safely.

Discover Tuscany

Livorno is unlike any other town in Tuscany and keeps its charms close to the vest. Stretched along the coast, this port town has a colorful history, complete with the occasional pirate appearance, a flavorful cuisine and a unique sense of humor.

Traveling for work

Feel at ease in a home that fits you in every way, even if you’re on a business trip. Choose from a variety of floor plans, each with a fully equipped kitchen. Some are perfect for an overnight stay whilst other can accommodate your family on weekends too.

One more night

Many stop in Livorno when taking a ferry to go elsewhere, never really taking the time to experience this vibrant town. If you are one of them, book an extra night before your departure or after your arrival and extend your holiday.

Meeting room, training courses and workshops

Do you need a room to welcome guests, host a meeting in a warm and pleasant environment or for trainings?

You can book the Lounge room for the day or just a few hours, we are happy to serve coffee breaks or light lunch upon request.

The room capacity is 20 people maximum and we can organise chairs around a large wooden table or in a traditional classroom way.

We provide all the necessary meeting equipment (table, chairs, armchairs, giant screen, sound speakers, microphone, WIFI) and we can also customize the room with your favourite fresh flowers.

Kindly let us know if you need a flipchart and stationery.