Agave in Città is in Livorno, Scali Rosciano, 2 – 0586

Once upon a time, there was a merchant, always at sea, trading exotic goods across the Mediterranean. Restless from his voyages, he found comfort in his home, a palazzo, built to accommodate him and his riches, with a shaft of light to look at the sky.

Today, our guests are the most precious treasure found in this palazzo.

The building has been completely renovated, yet the charm of a bygone era remains, when pirates sailed the seven seas and explorers set on great expeditions. After all, this is part of Livorno’s heritage.

The first thing you’ll notice when you step foot in Livorno is that the sea is an essential piece of town’s identity. Here, port workers in overalls share the streets with sharp-suited businessmen and although small, this town jutting into the sea is open to the rest of the Mediterranean.

Those who love Podere l’Agave will find here the same spirit, as well as something new and something different. Those who do not yet know it will find warm hospitality and a unique setting in the Venezia Nuova district.